UPI without internet

UPI without internet, When we think of UPI payments; we normally think of digital transactions that necessitate a constant internet connection. This isn’t always true, though. Even if there is no internet connection in your location or if you do not have a smartphone; you can still conduct UPI transactions without difficulty. In today’s world, where everything is done digitally and UPI payment apps like Google Pay, PhonePe, and BharatPe are our go-to mobile applications, this is a useful hack. So, even if your internet connection goes down while you’re in the middle of a transaction; all you need is your phone and an active bank account to finish it.

Transaction for Non – Smartphone Users

Non-Internet users who do not have smartphones can use UPI in addition to the online way. To use the services, simply dial *99#, which is the USSD 2.0 approach. In November of 2012, the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) launched the *99# service in India for all mobile phone customers, including non-smartphone users. The service had a limited reach at first, with only two TSPs, MTNL and BSNL, providing it. On August 25, 2016, NPCI launched the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) with member banks. UPI enables account holders from different banks to send and receive money using a single UPI ID or payment address.

The *99# Service

“The *99# service was introduced to bring financial services to every average man across the country; according to the NCPI website. Customers can use this service by dialling *99# on their mobile phone and transacting through an interactive menu that appears on the phone’s screen (available only for live TSPs). Sending and receiving interbank account to account funds, balance inquiry setting / changing UPI PIN, and a plethora of other services are just a few of the services available through the *99# service. Currently, 83 major banks and all GSM service providers offer the *99# service; which is available in 13 languages, including Hindi and English.”

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