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Common medical instruments used for managing COVID 19

Common medical instruments

Common medical instruments used for managing COVID 19, Here are some medical gadgets and technologies that may be useful in the event of a coronavirus infection or any other non-life-threatening medical problem.

Used for managing COVID 19

  1. Blood oxygen level is measured using a pulse oximeter. During the pandemic, the pulse oximeter has become one of the most crucial medical devices that everyone at home should have. The level of blood oxygen in coronavirus patients must be monitored constantly. Choose the one that also displays a pulse reading.
  2. Blood pressure and pulse rate are measured with the help of a digital blood pressure monitor. A digital blood pressure monitor is useful medical equipment to have at home as well. Around Rs 3,000 gets you a good blood pressure monitor.
  3. A thermometer does not require contact to measure body temperature. Without making any physical touch, contactless or infrared thermometers may measure body temperature from a distance of 1-2 inches. This reduces the possibility of contamination.
  4. Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Self-Test Kit: Allows individuals to conduct antigen tests at home. The Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Self-Test Kit isn’t a gadget, but it does allow consumers to conduct their rapid Antigen tests.
  5. Glucometer: A device that measures blood glucose levels. All diabetic individuals should have a glucometer to monitor their blood sugar levels.
  6. UV Sterilizer: Aids in the prevention of germs and other infections on cellphones and other electronic gadgets.
  7. UV radiation is a disinfectant that can be used on nonporous surfaces, as well as in the air and water. It may also be effective against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes coronavirus, according to the FDA. Our electronics and other devices can benefit from UV sterilisation to keep them free of bacteria and diseases.
  8. Oxygen concentrator: This allows you to breathe in pure oxygen. Oxygen concentrators are typically used to give extra oxygen to individuals who are having trouble breathing.
  9. Breathless? Use a portable oxygen canister as a short-term solution. Having a portable Oxygen canister on hand can be quite beneficial in the event of breathlessness until medical aid arrives.
  10. Machine for nebulization: A nebulizer is a gadget that quickly delivers oxygen to the lungs. The device may be purchased for Rs 1,500 online.

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