nowhera shaik

Nowhera Shaik, Every girl has dreams and aspirations which they want to explore but due to the least support from society, they have to keep their dreams and aspirations buried within their hearts. Some will say, “Things are changing now!”. Well, there is no wrong with this fact but it also comes with a corollary. The corollary is that this is the case for the girls in the city and town areas. Things have not changed at all for the village areas where the situation is almost the same.

Nowhera Shaik dreamt and achieved!

Nowhera Shaik is also one of such underprivileged people who comes from a very simple background. She had to face unbelievable hardships in course of achieving her dreams but she achieved it all! She motivates all of the girls who keep their dreams buried within their hearts. Nowhera Shaik’s life has always been inspiring to the young blood who wishes to pass all the hurdles to settle in their lives.

Nowhera Shaik’s vision for girls in the villages

Nowhera Shaik is probably one of the most successful entrepreneurs who care about the future of this country. She has invested in multiple channels to ensure that the future of India is in safe hands. She has her way of sorting out things and she does it graciously.

She has constructed multiple schools and colleges in the villages and has facilitated the growth of female education in the area. She has also built health and sanitation centres for females of the village who often ignore their health. She has also built universities, banks and roads in the village areas to ease the lives of the people in the interiors. She has a giant persona that deserves massive respect.

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