Omicron has been detected in a 37-year-old male who arrived in Delhi from Tanzania, making it the first incidence of the novel COVID-19 strain in the national capital and the fifth in the country.

According to hospital officials, the patient, who is presently undergoing treatment at the Lok Nayak Jai Prakash (LNJP) Hospital, is experiencing very minor symptoms.

Genome Sequencing

“At this time, the Lok Nayak Hospital has admitted 17 COVID-19 patients and six of their contacts. According to a preliminary study, the Omicron variant was discovered in one of the 12 samples submitted for genome sequencing thus far “Satyendar Jain, the Delhi Health Minister, remarked

The patient was an Indian immigrant who had recently returned from Tanzania. “On December 2, he was admitted to the hospital with mild symptoms of sore throat, fever, and body soreness,” stated Medical Director Suresh Kumar.

“We’re compiling the patient’s travel history and tracking down his contacts,” he explained.

According to the Delhi health minister, the most efficient method to stop the Omicron variety from spreading is to ban international flights.

Longer Gestation Period

“It’s been suggested that in the case of Omicron, the gestational time may be longer than in other variations. As a result, an infected person could go unnoticed at the airport… All of the cases have originated in the nations that have been affected. He believes that the federal government should take it seriously.

According to Jain, the mask can “rescue victims from all COVID-19 variations, be it Alpha, Beta, Delta, or Omicron” with a 99 per cent likelihood of success.

According to the minister, the COVID-19 vaccination has been administered to more than 90% of the eligible population. The second dose has been administered to 60% of the population. “We urge anyone who hasn’t been vaccinated to do so as quickly as possible,” he said.

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