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Nowhera Shaik contribution

Nowhera Shaik has been ruling the business world with all her might and has been a recipient of multiple awards and accolades which ranked her as one of the emerging and successful woman entrepreneurs of this time. She received massive support from the Muslim clerics and Imams after her launch of Halal investment which has a certificate from Masjid.

Her Halal investments had paved the way in empowering small and middle-income groups; who received a monthly profit from their investment. Heera Group – her dream company has given her a lot! A lot more than she ever could have asked for. She has been fighting for several philanthropic causes since the beginning of her career – women rights, children rights and education in the rural parts are the primary parts she has been dealing with for so long.

To educational development in rural areas is massive

Nowhera Shaik developmental initiatives have all of us just wonder about the fathom of benevolence in this lady with a golden heart. She used to donate a fixed amount every month to the rural developmental NGOs but later found a means to do it by herself. She was always keen on lighting up a wide smile on the face of small girls and boys with opportunities that can change their life.

Dr Nowhera Shaik started her career as a teacher in the villages; and taught many young girls from the villages free of cost. She then shifted to multiple lines of business and made a stronghold in that market. The day from when she had started earning in pretty good terms. She took a pledge to support the educational development of the students in rural parts of the country; so that the rural parts gets highly educated. She has built several schools and other educational institutions for the students in the villages. She is a role model to many women. 

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