The solar sector is expected to expand. Because of its unending supply and promise, solar energy is one of the most practical alternative energy sources. Experts predict that solar development and employment will spread throughout the next ten to fifteen years. Industry sales have already surpassed all previous records. Although there is a bright future for the solar sector, there will be certain obstacles to overcome.

Efficiency is a big issue because solar panels only convert a small portion of the sun’s energy into useful energy. Another problem with solar is its dependability, particularly in some areas of the world. Even while solar energy has a favorable overall environmental impact, especially when compared to non-renewable energy sources, there are still a few environmental issues that need to be addressed.

Why should we use solar energy?

Since solar energy production doesn’t emit greenhouse gases, the environment won’t be harmed. It is clean energy that isn’t polluting.

Sustainable energy comes from the sun. Therefore, there won’t be any issues with using it entirely without leaving anything behind for future generations.

Expansion of the solar energy sector will result in the creation of numerous green jobs.

Even in disaster-affected areas, power is provided by off-grid solar systems. Off-grid refers to structures made to function independently of water and electrical grids.

Additionally, the production of electricity via fossil fuels uses a lot of water. Water is not needed for the creation of solar energy. This conserves water.

Challenges to Industry

Solar cells currently only use a small portion of sunlight. A significant problem is raising the efficiency of solar cells. Additionally, a higher level of efficiency will result in less acreage being needed.

Additionally, building solar energy-producing facilities requires a substantial investment.

Additionally, not all areas of the planet receive enough sunshine to completely rely on it. A skilled labor shortage is affecting the clean energy sector. Another difficulty is educating a large number of people in the necessary skill set to support the expanding solar sector.

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