Rise of authoritarianism in India

Rise of authoritarianism in India. The legitimacy of the Indian state itself remains conflicted a fact that accounts for the paranoid conduct of successive governments. The target has changed from time to time “communists”, foreign hands, Muslims but by the use of large-scale delusional and divisional politics, repression has been remarkably consistent. In some important sense, the first decade of India’s republican life was an eluding phenomenon. The dangers of communalism were also clearly understood get there was no coherent program to rebuild the policy around the secular idea of equal citizenship absolutism of ethnic and religious identity flourished, unchecked. The question of meritocratic access to justice and equal opportunity was never adequately addressed in our nation.

Modi’s Hindutva populism which is inadvertently backed by threats against India’s Muslim minority and the suppression of the defiance is bringing in the brutal veil of the authoritarian governance upon India’s face. Using all the tools of propaganda and tactics of intimidation the Narendra Modi government is broadcasting the message that all is well in India but it isn’t.

The truth is that India as a nation is going through great turmoil economically, politically and socially. The Indian economy which was once the world’s fastest-growing economy is now lying sick. Arvind Subramanian, the former Chief economic advisor noted that the growth of the nation has slowed to just 4.5 % which is the worst for a long time.

To make matters worse in the last 60 years about 30 million Indians have fallen below the official poverty line. Consumer food price inflation is nudging 8%. Driving on communal politics Modi and his home affairs minister Amit Shah has turned the world’s largest democracy into an authoritarian state. Under this regimen, India is no longer a liberal democracy but is suppressing its minorities and holding on by the skin of the teeth to justify being concerned and counted even as a nominally democratic nation.

Rise of authoritarianism in India.

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