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nowhera shaikh

To all the haters who hated Nowhera Shaikh

Nowhera Shaikh, Fake news and rumours spread faster than anything in this world. It is very easy for a person to be shaded in black all of a sudden by the general public; without even knowing the truth. Nowhera Shaik’s case has been quite like that. She had been framed on a false case prepared specially to take revenge on her.

Due to her harassment, the company too had suffered a great deal. Many paid campaigns were run against her. Heera Group which was once, another name for trust and authenticity was then turned into a ‘fraud company’ by the media trials.

Tough times pass! Falsified facts cannot continue to overpower the truth for a long time. Nowhera Shaik was released on bail this year itself. In recent times the Supreme Court of India has also given orders in her company’s favour.

For doing absolutely nothing

The honourable Supreme Court of the country has given an order where the Justice stated that the company should be given back all their accounts. The court has further asked the Serious Fraud Investigation Office team to help Heera Group in the further legalities involved in the case.

Nowhera Shaik has decided to take this case forward. She is not a weak woman. Moreover She is not going to leave the ones behind her three years of unsettling life. She has decided to move courts for further investigation in this case.

Heera Group has now decided to take this case forward. They have asked for a few privileges from the honourable Supreme court of the country, like that the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has seized some of the Heera Group properties, which must be vacated by them as soon as possible. Also, many other Heera Group properties have been illegally encroached; on by a few unnamed individuals which should be returned to the company. A few more privileges   have been requested by the company to the court.

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