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nowhera shaik

Heera Group has been going through a lot of troubles. Since the arrest of Nowhera Shaik, their founder and managing director. There was a raid from the state CCS department and all the data of the company had been seized. According to sources, the authorities seized all of the company data for their investigation regarding the case. Meanwhile, Nowhera Shaik had been arrested for something that she had no idea of!

After all these years of harassment and after a temporary pause in the working of the company Heera Group of Companies started to refunctioning on August 2021. Recently according to the Supreme Court verdict, Nowhera Shaik’s company has been acquitted of all charges levelled against it. Also, there have been instructions to help the company with any further legal proceedings.

There are certain requests from the company’s perspective to the honourable Supreme Court of India. The requests are,

  1. The company has requested the court to ask the ED authorities to vacate the properties of the Heera Group which has been seized by them based on the investigation.
  2. There has also been a certain illegal acquisition of Heera Group properties which has to be restored as soon as possible to ensure smooth working of the company.
  3. The company has requested the CCS authorities to give back the company data which they had seized. The company is asking them to return the data according to Panchnama.
  4. Also the company is requesting the authorities to unfreeze all the 241 Heera Group accounts.
  5. This is a very serious request by the Heera Group of companies. They are requesting the Supreme Court of India to take measures against Uttar Pradesh state police and Gujarat state police. The state polices tried to arrest her even after a bail from the court!

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