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Nowhere Shaikh

Queen of Courage Nowhere Shaikh What fears patriarchy is the rise and rise of a woman; who is not ready to bow. Nowhera Shaikh is one such woman who belongs to this category. This is what created a sense of alarm among the patriarchal society; that is used to seeing a ‘damsel in distress.

The rise of Nowhera Shaikh in politics is what caused a lot of problems. All she wanted to do was work for the betterment of society. Being the empowered woman herself, she believes in empowering the woman whose voice is syntactically strangled. The Muslim women saw a reflection of themselves in her; Queen of Courage was successful in creating an impetus in the State Legislature of Karnataka with her newly formed party; named All India Mahila Empowerment Party.

Queen of Courage

In our country there are very few female politicians. Though she could not a win in the state assembly; she has already consolidated her position in the male-dominated political spectrum of Karnataka. She cannot ignored. The path she had traveled to attain this position was encrusted with thorns; all through but nothing could stop the flame of courage in her. The determination in her fueled her rise in every field she has been in. 

Due to demonetization; unlike several business giants who could not pay their investors; due to their successive losses and left the country, she chose to face the challenge with all power required. She was arrested; given bail, and again arrested, even in these tumultuous challenging times; she decided to keep her faith in humanity and the law of the land intact and strongly; believed that the love of the people will triumph; over every hardship she has to go through. She promised to pay back all her investors as early as possible. Unstoppable is the only word that defines her spirit. 

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