nowhera shaik

All you need to know about Nowhera Shaik

All you need to know about Nowhera Shaik, the lady with 1000 crore Net Worth Courage, and determination are the two words that define her life. Nowhera Shaik, life was not easy for her when she first attained success in her business. She can be regarded among those business icons who possess brilliant minds in entrepreneurial leadership. Leadership is what defines the enigma around her. She is an incredibly successful lady whose fables of success can be held as a precedent.

The lady with 1000 crore Net Worth

She also had to go through a severe loss after demonetization. This resulted in her inability to pay back the investors for the time being and probably would have been considered for tine being but she had already fastened her rope of destiny when she chose to join politics and create her party known as All India Mahila Empowerment Party to provide a voice to the unheard. 

Her struggle deserves an entire full-feature movie. She hailed from a very poor family where her mother sold vegetables at Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh. She assisted her mother in her little business. Maybe this is when the entrepreneur within her learned so many first-hand lessons that helped her in life. Cut to scene two when she is a successful boss lady swaying the business decisions with her whip of care and caution. She is said to own around 17 companies. Her business prowess led her to win the hearts of many and also the glossy awards all across the globe. A simple burqa-clad woman with so much power manifested in her. Her companies have been a pilgrimage for more than 2 lakh investors spread all across the Indian subcontinent. Her net worth is estimated at more than 1000 crore. 

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