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Nowhera Shaik

Nowhera Shaikh

Nowhera Shaikh political journey is very distinct. Unlike most other politicians, she joined politics very abruptly. In our country, there are many instances when there are actor turned politicians but it only happens when actors are done with their acting career. But in her case, she was doing quite steady in her business but chose to increase her radii of philanthropic works. She thus joined politics by starting off her new political party All India Mahila Empowerment Party. This party was fused with her ideologies and did not believe in the concept of discrimination.

There was one particular case that stirred her into joining politics. There was this case where a woman was beaten to death by her in-laws. But her husband was released by the authorities because he was connected to a local MLA. Indeed, she did not secure enough vote share in the first state election that they fought but who knows maybe in a couple of years, her party becomes increasingly significant in the political course of the state!

Journey in the politics

Even after the innumerable threat calls and other methods of trying to mute her; when they found out how powerful this lady was, they were taken aback! They had to do something unique that would possibly ruin both her career and image. They planned for something big! To destroy her image as a business entrepreneur, they planned against her to destroy her career.

She was falsely framed under the charges of a scam relating to the Halal investment scheme. The entire scam charges made her suffer for more than three years in jail. In 2021, the scam charges were done away with by the Supreme Court of India. Now, the All India Empowerment Party is still active and is dedicatedly; working towards the development of people all across the nation.

By Ashish

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