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Nowhera Shaikh message

Nowhera Shaikh, Festive seasons comes with a ton of other responsibilities. She believes in the secular inclusivity of India. She believes that one should participate in any festival irrespective of any religious barriers because the prime motive of a festival is to unite people and not divide them.

Any festive season from now onwards after the COVID situation all across the country needs to deal with additional caution. Being a responsible citizens of this country, it must be our responsibility to enjoy this Diwali by following certain COVID norms. This is what Nowhera Shaik wants all of us to.

She is the founder of Heera Group, a business group that was originally a small-scale business group that turned into a big venture after two decades of hard work and struggle by Nowhera Shaik.

To the entire India celebrating Diwali

Even as an entrepreneur she has been very cautious about the safety of her workers. She has supported them by every means possible. Her message to the entire India on this Diwali is just to ensure that the environment is not polluted in any way.

There are already several cities in India with an air index indicating a harmful pollution level. Delhi for example is the city in India that is worst-affected due to pollution. Further polluting the air would mean a huge effect on our environment. Also, there are instances of animal cruelty that Nowhera Shaik has been condemning for a long time. Moreover she funds an NGO that works for the development and good treatment of stray dogs in our country.

She has always ensured that the local businesses find a way to develop themselves. She has given many chances to many startup ideas and has funded them. Especially she has asked all of us to be vocal for local this time.

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