nowhera shaik

Nowhera Shaik journey started from the lanes of the Tirupati. She used to assist her mother in making money from selling vegetables in the market. They were small-scale business people. She was the eldest of all the siblings and this made most of the responsibilities fall on her shoulder.

Right from the very beginning, she had this urge to fight every hurdle that comes in her way. She was very sure that she will definitely do something big in life and she did so. She should be considered as a role model to thousands of girls out there who think they are not good enough!

Slowly and steadily, she made it through

Nowhera Shaik is probably one of the most successful Indian Muslim entrepreneurs and definitely among the list of empowered businesswomen of the entire world. She is a huge source of inspiration, not only to the Indian Muslim girls but also to the girls in the middle-eastern belt. She has shown to the entire world that it is very much possible for a girl with absolutely no backing to succeed in the male-dominated business industry.

Nowhera Shaik’s role in empowering her folks

The most inspiring part of Nowhera Shaik is the fact that she has made it possible for other girls to come out and think of choosing entrepreneur to be their profession. She has not only extended support in the form of training schemes and welfare training but also opened doors of opportunities in her company itself. She creates examples for all of us and it becomes very important to all of us to ensure that she is doing good. We need more women like her in our world to make this a better living place.

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