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nowhera shaikh

Nowhera Shaikh, Family, Work, Society and Nation! These are the four things Nowhera Shaik has always lived up to. She is a dedicated individual who has been volunteering herself into serving the nation in her way.

Nowhera Shaikh is the founder and Managing Director of Heera Group of Companies – a company that has established itself in the global foothold. She has represented India on many international platforms and has created history. She has also empowered thousands of women through her company schemes.

But after her 20 years of service, when she is jailed on a false charge which is a result of political rivalry, it becomes very difficult to accept! Nowhera Shaikh three years in jail is long enough to break the spirits out of any person. But alas! She is Nowhera Shaik and she does not know how to accept defeat.

An Entrepreneur

She is probably one such entrepreneur who has helped so many people with their empowerment. After serving the nation in her way for twenty years, the kind of treatment she got is heart-wrenching. Besides being a distinguished entrepreneur, she was also an honest taxpayer and a responsible citizen of the country.

She had repeatedly urged all her investors to have their trust intact on her goodwill and luckily most of them did! There was a majority of them who understood the real motive behind her arrest. She had repeatedly told the press that, “It is very easy to file an FIR against any business person r company but it is always not true! Because there are competitors in a business atmosphere which often leads to such things.” And indeed, she was right! None of the charges could be proved in court! Nowhera Shaik has asked for investment against the makers of the false claims. She is not going to leave the ones who were behind the three years of harassment! She is a fighter and will fight back!

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