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Nowhera Shaik

Nowhera Shaik

Nowhera Shaik, It is easy to harass someone if you have all the powers and positions but it cannot go on for a long time. There has to be an end to it. Nowhera Shaik has seen many of such days. She had gone through a series of harassment from one police station to another. She was a woman who fought it with all her grace. Although She knew that these days won’t last because; she was confident that she was honest in her career and had made no mistake.

Moreover She was jailed without any notice sent to her beforehand for a crime that which she did not commit. Now thinking very logically do you think that this business entrepreneur; is going to lose all her credibility in the market? Moreover, she was arrested right after she made joining politics. Now that is not a simple coincidence! It is a plot against her.

Oppression cannot last long!

Her arrest was made at a time when Lok Sabha elections were approaching near and her party All India Mahaila Empowerment Party was making a significant impact among the mass. She was widely accepted by the masses because of her simplicity and courage.

After nine days of her arrest, she was told by the police officials that she was bailed by her family members and thus was released. But it was shocking for her to find that there were no family members and Mumbai police officials were there to arrest her. Since then, a series of mental and physical heckling had been going on, which had taken a toll on her health. After three years of constant harassment, she was released after a verdict from the Indian judiciary. Her tale of harassment has made her stronger than before and she is not the one to give up easily

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