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Nowhera Shaik Faith in Humanity

Nowhera Shaik

Nowhera Shaik believes that love can win over any problem. She has been using love to spread positivity among all the people. She is a businesswoman but barely cares about profit and losses. Moreover she believes that love can conquer every fort which is unbreachable. The village folks were very happy with their standards of living and wanted to carry forward the tradition. But when she gradually tried to change a few of the outdated traditions.

Dr Nowhera Shaik was warmly welcomed by the people gradually because she brought the modernism of the urban society with the simplicity intertwined in the form of bucolic ambience. She did not want to bring changes in the simplicity of the village, all she wanted to bring in is the wave of educational empowerment especially among the girl children of the villages.

Faith in Humanity

She was a bit startled to find out that the magnanimous potential; vested in the women of the rural parts. They were hardworking, had great potentialities; were dedicated and had an immense passion. but the only field they lack was educational empowerment. Nowhera Shaik wanted to explore this field. She set up her coaching centre in the villages. The number of students increased from time to time and finally; she was the ‘Nowhera Aapa’ for hundreds of girls from different villages.

She first has since then empowered many young girls from the villages and has helped; them to financially stand on their grounds. She has given many opportunities to girls in her company named Heera Group. Nowhera Shaik contribution to the society towards empowerment of women is undeniable.

By Abhi

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