nowhera shaik

Nowhera Shaik

Nowhera Shaik, Besides being a billionaire business tycoon she is also a social worker who had donated lots of wealth and valuables for the upliftment of society. Her existence in a lower-middle-class family didn’t stop her from dreaming heights. Besides working hard she worked efficiently and smartly.

People often forget where they used to belong after reaching heights but the little girl would never forget where she came from. This is why the underprivileged people of the society was and will always be her first preference. She distributed and donated expensive assets of her group to build hospitals, educational institutions and roads. Her dream venture, Heera Group of Companies had provided medical expenses to many needy people.

Nowhera, being well aware of the hurdles that society engraved in the skins of ambitious women, always tried her best to provide education and help women to get independent from financial dependency. Out of concern regarding the proper education of children from remote areas during this pandemic; she arranged virtual classes from the best possible teachers.

She has been helping many labours and small wage bearing workers; who lost their jobs during lockdown to sustain their family bearings. A lot of assets of Heera Group was out to be used as mass isolation camps for covid patients.

Billionaire for a cause

Besides having a great career graph, she has always been humble. She always laid stress on women’s participation in the economic world for she believed if she can; she will and then every woman out there has the potential to earn fame and glamour as a businesswoman.

Nowhera Shaik has also been a magnificent employer. She has always enforced the rights and interests of her under-colleagues and supported; them to uplift their performance in their workplace.

She is truly a winner in the race called “humanity”, and not only in her own life but also a winner of millions of hearts all over the world through her sincere service and overcoming all kinds of obstacles in her life. A powerful combination of an inspiring brain and a loving heart, this little girl with principles; of infinite integrity set an example to all those ambitious men including women alike.

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