Manyata Tech Park area

The inundation of the Campus

Manyata Tech Park area On Monday evening, some roadways within the tech park were suddenly flooded by a depth of over three feet.  After a late-night downpour on Sunday, the campus of Manyata Tech Park near Hebbal, one of Bengaluru’s main technological centres, was inundated, forcing employees on their way to work on Monday to return home.

The tech park campus on the banks of Nagawara Lake on Outer Ring Road looked like a grid of canals; with its streets submerged in three feet of water. On social media networks, videos and photographs of the flooding went viral on the internet

The attempt at cleaning

When some of the tech park’s administrative and cleaning personnel arrived; at work early in the morning to perform their tasks, they were surprised to see water everywhere. “It was like a network of rivulets; there were no highways.” We could easily wade through the river because there were no potholes inside. However, the situation was deplorable,” remarked a cleaning employee who arrived at 6.30 a.m. In the evening, some roads were flooded up to three feet.

“This is the second time something similar has happened; but this is the first time the water level hasn’t dropped after we tried draining it out,” he explained.

The time of the incident

Although “Around 3.30 a.m., the water level on the road began to increase,” a security guard on night duty reported. “The water was first sluggish, similar to that found on home terraces, but it soon began to rise.”

“I summoned my other security officers, and we used sticks to clean the drains; allowing the water to flow.” However, it continued to return. The roadways turned into rivulets in a matter of two hours.”

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