nowhera shaik

Nowhera Shaik

Nowhera Shaik inspires every woman and business entrepreneur. No doubt she is an ideal to all ambitious women who aim for a high flight in life. She is the CEO of the renowned Heera Group of Companies and has successfully left her footprints in the sand of business ventures.

Ever since her childhood, she has always empathized with the downtrodden people of the Indian society who are always neglected not only by the other established people but also by the government. It is entirely her determination, hard work, and love for the people of her country that has helped her breakthrough all the assumed limits for co-existing.

She started with being a mere tutor for six children. Later, she sold vegetables intending to financially support her parents. Her love and care for the poverty-stricken fragment of society; were and continue to be the root of her career as an entrepreneur. Even after she gained international as well as national fame and attention, she never neglected the impoverished people. This is what makes her hope for the needy people and also proves; how much of a good personality she has.

Inspiring story

She worked on her ideas to improve the business till late at night. The Heera Group of Companies stands where it does today solely on her support and determination; to create a friendly environment for both the employees and customers.  She worked tirelessly from dusk till dawn to achieve the success she desired and dreamed of as a 19-year-old. Nowhera insisted on sticking to her moral values of justice and profit-free business; enterprise and sponsored all social services carried out by the organization.

She always seized any opportunity she had, to have women stand independently and fulfil their dreams. Never does Nowhera Shaik fail to encourage women; battle their fights and take a high leap from the ground that has them tied to responsibilities and so-called limits. She has devoted her life to promoting education as a basic necessity for a better country.

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