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nowhera shaik

Nowhera Shaik

Nowhera Shaik What is life composed of? Years? Emotions? Or is it just a few numbers that decide our lives? No! It is just a bunch of memories that make a life special. Nowhera Shaik has led a life that one is going to remember for ages to come. She has seen both high and low and that is what makes her so special. She knows what it takes to attend the business class flights and as well knows the feeling of simple trips on rickshaws. Moreover she has so far lived a humble life with very little scope for building an air of false pomposity.

Strength for so many women

Moreover Nowhera Shaik is just not a name, it is a place of trust for many women who had been supported by her directly or indirectly. Nowhera Shaik believes in living peacefully and let others live. She believes that as a woman, she has to emancipate the conditions of women like her and enable a working opportunity for more and more women like her. In her career spanning more than two decades, she has expanded business working opportunities for thousands of women from both rural and urban areas.

A life to look up to

As an Entrepreneur Herself

Nowhera Shaik has always been an entrepreneur from the initial days of her life. She did not work under anyone. Instead, she created a working space all by herself. The society that she was surrounded with barely supported her in her dreams and ambitions; but she leapt above all these unstable emotions of approval and disapproval. When the first time her company generated greater profits; she was the first one to distribute it evenly among her colleagues with whom she shared a bonhomie relation.

Especially the most gracious fact about her life is that; she was not stuck in between the nets of monetary thinking and could live a life beyond that! A life, full of happenings, good works and good memories.

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