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Zertz is a new age global digital solution that needs special recognition. Much like every other platform for digital communication, there are certain pockets where this platform can be distinguished from the others. There is a feature for sharing document sharing. Let us take a deep look into this incredible feature of this platform.

Zertz has brought an easy solution for you to prepare your content marketing report. Preparing a content marketing report is not easy at all! It is a long tedious process that requires a lot of collection of data after meticulous research. An analyst has to go through a high volume of data from various tools and sheets. Then comes the process of listing the estimate for the number of downloads, then bring data of the organization for the entire month.

Via Zertz

The collection of data is an extremely tedious process that requires one to search numerous files and on different platforms. This process is dragged to a longer period in case it requires collaboration between the teammates.

Zertz has brought an easy solution to this long tedious process that involves so many complications. Instead of wasting your precious time in putting so much effort into preparing a content marketing report, why not assemble it with the help of Zertz. Moreover Zertz provides its users with an option for an easy document collaboration tool. On this platform, your team members will be able to edit view and participate in the preparation of the report. This removes the need for sharing the edited document attachments via email. As per the reports, Zertz makes your work faster by 33%!

If you chose to collectively work with your team and create an inclusive report in much less time then Zertz is your one-stop solution. Finally this platform reduces incompetency and substitutes it with perfection.

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