All you need to know to be a part of AIMEP!

The goal of AIMEP party is to develop India on all fronts—politically, economically, industrially, socially, culturally, and agriculturally—and to position the country as a world power while taking into account its multilingualism, ethnic diversity, and rich cultural history.

Goals the Party wishes to achieve

The party’s goal shall be

 (a) To support and abide by the true faith and allegiance to the Indian Constitution as provided by law.

(b) To support and work to further the socialist, secular, and democratic tenets.

(c) To end illiteracy, poverty, and injustice and lift the oppressed by promoting social equality, arousing the populace peacefully, encouraging movement, and encouraging participation in the legal political process.

The All India Mahila Empowerment Party upholds the sovereignty, unity, and integrity of India with real faith and commitment to the lawfully created Indian Constitution as well as to the values of socialism, secularism, and democracy.

Regulations about Party Membership

The following individuals make up the party’s membership:

(a) Grassroots members who have signed up by Article V of the AIMEP Constitution.

(b) Officers and members of the Executive Committees of each part/booth, polling station, village, town block, assembly district, state committee, national working committee, and any other local committees and associate organizations, owing allegiance to the party elected under Article VII, no matter what name they go by.

(C)  Party office holders and State Working Committee members.

(d) Membership will end immediately if any member runs against a candidate nominated by the All India Mahila Empowerment Party in any election administered by the Election Commission of India or the State Election Commission of the relevant state.

(e) If any members participate in canvassing for any election run by the Election Commission of India or a state election commission, they would be immediately and temporarily suspended. The separate states in favor of anyone running against the candidate our party has nominated.

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