In order to find a solution to the problem, the judge of the Supreme Court has instructed the formation of a committee consisting of retired revenue officials, SFIO officers, and Heera Group members. The committee will primarily be responsible for determining whether the serious claimants are complainants or non-complainants, searching for evidence to support their claims.

Dr. Nowhera Shaik has already had all of her property lands returned to her. The property that Tolichowki owns is worth 900 crores, which is enough to repay all serious investors.

Dr.  Nowhera Shaik’s take on the offer

The emergence of complaints is sudden and out of nowhere. Consequently, the Supreme Court has asked the Heera Group to shorten the deadline for submitting the final complaint. According to the court, the 30th of November 2022 is the last date to present each case.

Recently Dr. Nowhera Shaik informed us that the Heera Group of Companies has already completed the orders. There are boards hung in Talichowki’s properties claiming the offers and other important things.  A link is also provided by the Heera Group of Company to grab your offer letters. This is a very upfront intiative taken by Dr. Nowhera Shaik. The price of the property revolves around one akh eighty thousand rupees.

Exciting offers

The price might fluctuate as in you take how much of the property. It started since yesterday and surprisingly amny people have already started taking interest in the properties and are using the links. They are contacting through calls as well. Do you know the best part? Anybody and everybody can buy the properties!  The Heera Group of company is also assuring to deduct the payment from the money you will receive from the company (if any).

The properties prize will also depend on the amount of property you buy. The Heera Group of Company is also offering discounts for people buying property in bulk. The initiative taken by Dr. Nowhera Shaik is really appreciable.

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