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Nothing Political

Sonu Sood on Friday discussed his upcoming political debut of Assembly elections in Punjab next year, following surprise news that either he or his sister – Malavika Sachar, a renowned social worker in the Moga state – can compete on a Congress ticket.

Mr Sood interacted with Delhi Chief Minister for ‘Desh ke Mentor’ – a guiding initiative for government-run school students. Mr Kejriwal happily announced that Sonu Sood has agreed to be the brand ambassador of their upcoming ‘Desh ke Mentor’ programme.

But he agreed that politics is a wonderful field for someone who aims to serve people. Mr Kejriwal also did not comment on his possible entry into politics instead he appreciated his inspiring work. Mr Kejriwal, while appointing Mr Sood as the brand ambassador said that he is a boon for the nation. He contacts people who are in trouble and helps them.

 Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia; also the education minister, said he is hopeful this programme will bring more women in science. He said that the major innovations in our nation; are mostly led by men while women’s participation is very less especially in Science and Technology.

Sonu Sood and Arvind Kejriwal Meet for A Delhi Scheme

He explained how to get connected with 7.5 lakh migrants. He sent some of them home and asked if they are willing to come back. They said that they will return if they get jobs. Most of them were scared thinking their family might not allow them to work in cities. Especially He has helped hundreds of migrant workers (residents of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh) return home.

He provided financial assistance to 400 migrant workers; families and also arranged for a huge supply of oxygen cylinders during second wave infection. Moreover He feels it is his responsibility to provide financial assistance to the families of deceased or injured labourers.  He even launched a toll-free helpline number so that people can reach out to him for help.

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