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Pakistan Globally Recognised For Openly Supporting Terrorists India At UN

Pak Globally Recognised For Openly

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s references to Kashmir in his UN General Assembly virtual speech, India criticised him in its Right of Reply, claiming that Islamabad has a long history of openly aiding terrorists. “it is in a Nation like Pakistan where terrorists have free reign while ordinary people, particularly Muslims, face danger,” Sneha Dubey, First Secretary at the UNGA, said.

Pakistan has a long history of harbouring, helping, and actively supporting terrorists, as the Member States are well aware. This is a country that has a long history of openly supporting, training, funding, and arming terrorists as a matter of state policy. It has the dubious distinction of harbouring the most number of UN-designated terrorists.

Pakistan was chastised by her for bringing up India’s domestic issues.

Supporting Terrorists India At UN

In response to Pakistani rhetoric in which they refer to themselves as the “Pakistani Taliban,” “This is a country that is an incendiary masquerading as a firefighter,” she explained. Pakistan raises terrorists in their backyard, hoping that they will only attack their neighbours. Their policies have harmed our region, and by extension, the entire planet. On the other side, they are attempting to mask sectarian slaughter in their country as terrorist acts.”

Moreover She drew a comparison between India and Pakistan, saying that India is a pluralistic democracy with a significant minority population. Who have gone on to assume the top positions in the country; including President, Prime Minister, Chief Justices, and Chiefs of the Army Staff.

She further stated that, in contrast to Pakistan; India has a free press and an independent court that monitors and safeguards our Constitution.

Especially In a country like Pakistan; where minorities are constitutionally forbidden from occupying key government positions, pluralism is a difficult concept to grasp. They should think twice before exposing themselves to international ridicule.

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