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Riots in India

Riots in India

Riots in India, the bail application of a man detained in connection with the killing of a head constable during the northeast Delhi riots last year was denied by the Delhi High Court, which stated that the incident was the outcome of a “pre-planned and premeditated plot to disturb law and order in the city.”

While dismissing Mohd.Ibrahim’s bail application, Justice Subramaniam Prasad, who was seen wearing a skull cap, black Nehru jacket, salwar-kurta, and holding a sword in multiple locations around Chand Bagh, was seen wearing a skull cap, black Nehru jacket, salwar-kurta, and a sword in his hand on numerous CCTV footages.

Even though Mr Ibrahim was not present at the ‘scene of the crime. Justice Prasad stated that he was a member of the crowd since he had travelled 1.6 kilometers away from his home carrying a Knife that could only be used to encourage violence.

High Court Delhi says

Protesters gathered near the Chand Bagh area and 25 Futa Road around 1.00 p.m. on February 24, 2020; and marched to the Main Wazirabad Road. Protesters using sticks, baseball bats, iron rods; and stones became violent as police sought to persuade them not to press forward.

Some in the mob began throwing stones at police officers, who were then beaten as well as other Viewer. ACP Gopalpur, head constable Ratan Lal, and DCP Shahdara Amit Kumar were allegedly attacked with sticks and stones, causing them to fall and suffer serious head injuries, according to the FIR. A bullet wound later killed the top constable.

“The riots that shook the country’s National Capital in February 2020 did clearly not spur of the moment; and the behaviour of the protesters who are visible in the video footage. Which has been placed on record by the prosecution, visibly portrays that it was a calculated. Attempt to disrupt the government’s functioning as well as the normal lives of the people,” the prosecution said.

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