Nowhera Shaik the visionary

Nowhera Shaik

Nowhera Shaik, the founder of Heera Group of Companies, has exhibited her brilliance by the incredible growth of her foundation in no time. Her entrepreneurialism, practicality, vivacity, and intelligence are the root causes of her success. Her contributions in the Indian Business Sectors are second to none. she has exemplified herself as an ideal for Indian women, specifically for Muslim women all around the world. It was at a very young age that she started her journey as an entrepreneur. Her prowess requires no testament from no one, the Heera Group of Companies alone does the work.

 she has always been an aspirant of becoming a successful businesswoman. She was only five years old when she started selling vegetables for helping her parents. This act later served useful for her career as an entrepreneur. Then she began to purchase and vend secondhand clothes which is a remarkable part of her biography.

 Next, she was initiated into the gold trade. This phase was the pivotal portion of her career as an entrepreneur. While she worked as a teacher in Madras she made connections with numerous women there and used to sell to them the jewellery she bought from the goldsmith.

The visionary

 Empowering women and helping them to be financially independent was the aim of this enterprise. Soon she established the Heera Group of Companies. Heera Group’s yield was barely Rs. 27 lakhs in the year 2010. Incredibly it took only 7-8 years that the enterprise’s yield hit Rs. 800 crore.

From the very beginning of her entrepreneurial career, she believed that to modify a system, it was important to be a part of it. She decided to serve the nation in person and therefore, formed a political party of her own. Ms Shaik set up the AIMEP, the abbreviation for All India Mahila Empowerment Party. The prime objective for doing this was to encourage and support women who are willing to involve themselves in elections. She has spoken up on various issues, both social and political but mainly the ones that affect women.

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