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nowhera shaik

Nowhera Shaik was born into a very underprivileged family. Both of her parents were involved in small businesses. She was the eldest child out of her seven siblings which had made the majority of the responsibilities fall on her shoulders. She had to single-handedly manage all the responsibilities of her household, help her younger siblings with their education, pursue her studies and then help her parents!

In all these years of responsibility, she turned into a rock-solid woman. AShe had an incredibly tough journey in her career. She started all from the scratch. She was just in her 20s when she first started her journey with her company named Heera Group. This company initially dealt with gold and gold jewellery. The company then captured the market beat and turned itself into a serious competitor in the gold import and export industry.

Nowhera Shaik’s journey was particularly tough because she had nowhere to bolster upon. She had no one to support her business dreams. Even her investors had very little faith in her. But as her company started exceeding the market statistics and showing good expansion in graphical format, it started to expand.

Nowhera Shaik started her journey in a single form of service but then expanded her service to many lines of production, thus diversifying her fame among the various sections of market consumers.

She is an example to everyone of where courage and determination can take a person! She comes from absolutely nothing and today when we say her name, many people recognize her. To have created an identity of ownership in such a male-dominated field is no less than an achievement.

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