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Son killed businessman

Karnataka Wife Son killed businessman, On September 29, authorities in Thirthahalli discovered the charred remains of a victim inside a torched automobile in a forested area. A phoney registration plate discovered on the car was the first thread to unravel in what turned out to be a well-thought-out murder plan and attempt to destroy evidence, purportedly inspired by the suspense film “Drishyam.”

Only three days later, cops arrived at the home of the victim, 45-year-old businessman Vinod, to question the suspects, including his wife, sons, and brother. All four have been charged with murder, along with a relative.

Vinod, the manufacturer of a herbal product from Aachapura village in Sagar taluk, was identified by the vehicle’s chassis number. When the police questioned his wife, Vinutha, 42; she stated that he had gone on a business trip to the state’s coastal areas but had not returned; his sons, Vivek and Vishnu, all in their twenties, stated the opposite. Although he had been missing for a few days, no police report had been filed.

The plot fell apart after further interrogation, according to authorities. When they discovered that Vinod was having an extramarital affair, Vinutha; her sons, Vinod’s brother Sanjay, and a relative plotted to murder him. According to Shivamogga SP BM Laxmi Prasad, they were concerned that the wife might try to claim his belongings.

Burnt car with body

They bought a barrel of gasoline from a nearby gas station on September 26. Vinod was allegedly slain at home by an iron rod being swung at him. Chemicals were used to clean the crime scene, and blood-stained clothing and slippers were torched. Vinod’s body was loaded into the car two days later and driven to Hunasekoppa in Thirthahalli around 10.30 p.m. They replaced the number plate with a fake obtained from a local dealer, then set fire to the automobile.

To ensure that their movements were not discovered during their vacation and return home, all family members turned off their phones. Vinod’s phone was also thrown into a body of water. According to authorities, the accused went home and slept, and in the days that followed, they provided no indication of their involvement in the murder.

The burning truck was quickly discovered by surrounding villagers, who alerted the authorities.

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