Nowhera Shaikh

New age iron lady the Nowhera Shaikh
Nowehra Shaik at MEP launch on Sunday November 12, 2017 in New Delhi.

Nowhera Shaikh

New age iron lady the Nowhera Shaikh, a world-renowned entrepreneur, and politician started her journey from a lower-middle-class family in Tirupati; as a vegetable-selling hawker along with her mother. At the age of 19; after completing school at the Madrassa (Islamic seminary), she started her teaching classes with six students; who gradually grew into 300 students in a very small duration.

Although initial success and inherited business knowledge from childhood formed; an education institute and self-help group in 1988, which was enlarged as HEERA group in 1998. It is a consortium of 20 different companies, from food export to e-commerce. In a short duration of only ten years; this company enriched and started as a multinational product and service provider in more than 50 countries across the globe.

Moreover from her excessive success as an entrepreneur; she is a very polite and kind-hearted person; who formed the All India Mahila Empowerment Party in 2017 to upgrade Muslim women in education; business and provide freedom from their suffering.

The new age iron lady

New age iron lady the Nowhera Shaikh On the contrary to her success story, she was arrested and accused of running a Ponzi scheme in 2018. However, the case is under investigation till 2020, while on 19th January 2021, she gets interim bail from the Supreme Court. Despite the dark episode, she allocated 2% profit from Heera Group’s yearly turnover to supports girl’s education, which was the primary mission of her life.

She also served great initiatives to better rural sectors; especially child development, vaccination, prenatal care, and awareness programs on women’s rights to empower rural women. Her wisdom and continuous effort on women’s rights, women awareness, and childcare of rural India; signify her kind-hearted and motherly nature, which makes her unique from others. as of we know that and called as new age iron lady.

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