Will Covid increase in India in 2022

Will Covid increase in India in 2022. To begin with, daily new Covid-19 cases are rising in Delhi and Haryana, as are operational cases nationwide. Lifting of curtailments could be a cause but it’s too early to worry about a fourth wave.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, Delhi clocked in 517 new cases of coronavirus, up almost four times since 131 at the beginning of this month. In Haryana, the count has increased by four times until Sunday, although the number is lesser than that in Delhi. For the first time since the third week of January, operative cases in the country have begun to surge again. 

However, the quantity of the rise is still very small, but the increasing tendency has continued for four days now.

Reasons for the sudden surge Covid increase in India in 2022:

Meanwhile, Stealth Omicron or BA.2 is a sub variant of the highly transmissible Omicron variant. It is currently a ‘variant under investigation’ in the United Kingdom, but is said to be the propelling force for the current surge in COVID-19 cases around the world, as per WHO.

Moreover, experts think the BA.2 sub variant is missing key variations in the spike protein, which is fundamental to the detecting process thus making it arduous for healthcare providers to trace it.

Impact of COVID on health-care facilities 

Particularly now with the new variant on the loose, lack of healthcare infrastructure, on-field training and fundamental aids, an already crippling Indian healthcare system is under a lot of strain to tackle the more infectious variant. This is again a result of shortage of funds as most of the healthcare systems; of the states in India work independently with less than sufficient aids from state and central governments. In addition, only central level medical institutes or super-specialty hospitals provide tertiary care. Then there is the massive lack of overhaul in Indian healthcare systems; as it would require financial investment from the state and central governments. 

Therefore, with still most of the Indian masses unvaccinated and lack of bolstered vaccination overhauls; lack in the awareness of the general public. The country stands at risk and on the brink of a total medical and healthcare system collapse. With medical experts on the wary of the possibility; of yet another variant and if this surge in daily cases is not properly handled. The crisis of an already crumbling healthcare facility can be potentially agonizing.

Will Covid increase in India in 2022 (Yes).

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