Some questions on Nowhera Shaik, that remains unanswered 

Inspiration our society has suddenly turned woke and has started taking women empowerment seriously. But the one thing I am not used to dealing with is a woman who is already empowered. A woman is always expected to be the damsel in distress, isn’t she? A woman is not supposed to enter in business, they said. It is a man’s world, do not be silly, they shouted. They tried their level best to pull her back but she was born of fire. She was not ready to pay heed to what society had to say about her. She focused on improving her self worth and placed herself in the topmost position in the business world. Here is a story on Nowhera Shaik.

Why is Nowhera Shaikh story a fountain of inspiration?

Although Nowhera Shaik has been a source of magnanimous inspiration for young girls in the business. She has proven that with dedication and hard work, even the impossible is possible. After an aeon of unimaginable struggle, she reached a point only to leave everything for people’s welfare. Do you think that this unimaginably wise lady would not know the consequences of having a direct political life? Of course, she knew about all the possible threats to her business life. But she is Nowhera Shaik, a lady who was incapable of placing anything above her ideals and strong-willed decisions. 

Is it okay to be as good as her?

Moreover the consequences she had to face after her entry into direct politics has indicated that unless you are ready to endure every thick and thin, do not destabilize your position even for people’s cause. But one thing for sure, if you want to be as determined as her, you need to be strong!

By Manish

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