Nowhera The founder of the Heera group of industries, intended to field nominations from 224 constituencies. She herself has decided not to contest from any constituency. Her campaigning has been quite remarkable. From the black burqa to campaigning in private jets, she has been a boss at all. Throughout her life, she had gone through a series of additional struggles, just because of her gender. She does not want young girls of new India to go through such unnecessary struggles.

This glinting urge has made her release the manifestos before all other mentionable parties. Moreover, a state assembly that was highly triggered with air away from her chances of juggling religion and politics together. The manifesto released by her had been quite phenomenal for women’s safety.

Why did She join politics?

From promises like installing a help desk for women at every police station to speedy justice for any crime against women, she has given special preference for women. She has also reserved several schemes and economic sanctions for women entrepreneurs. During the launch of her party All India Mahila Empowerment Party, many eminent personalities supported her. Even in the state assembly, the star campaigners for her party included famous actors like Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan.

When asked what urged Nowhera Shaikh to join politics and start her own party. She replied with an event she had seen in her life. In 2012 about a case where a woman was brutally murdered; by her husband and in-laws. After her abnormal death; she was not granted a post-mortem examination. Her parents were regularly warned of the consequences they would have to face if they progressed with the request for an investigation. She had been very actively vocal about the case, and finally, the culprit was arrested only to get released in a short while due to his connections to an MLA. It was at this time, she decided to be in politics to give justice to the underprivileged.

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