Where did Nowhera Shaik

Nowhera Shaik one thing that I do not get is what is this problem of people with an incredibly successful woman if she enters politics? She was not forcing the voters to vote for her, nor was she doing booth capturing and spreading money to buy votes? Hell no she did no such thing! She did not even equate religion and politics on the same platform. Then what was special about her that so many false and baseless lies were peddled against her? Do not know how people can fall into believing in these uncreative rumor’s! Had she scammed her investors, she would have left the country on her private jet to go to another country and live there without coming under the law?

But when she did not, there to be some censored truth to this! Even if she sold part of her property at a single place, all her investors would have been well-paid multiple times. But heckling an independent woman had become a part of their plan and they would stop a nothing but clean imprisonment to tarnish her image completely and end her political and business career completely. But unlike other cases, they got the joke on them this time. 

Go wrong

She did not break a bit of her dignity and sophistication after her arrest and instead kept her faith alive in the judiciary. She knew that she cannot look weak in front of them and make them win! The arrest of Nowhera Shaik has itself been a miscalculation on the part of the people in power. 

And what was her mistake? To enter into politics with a fresh concept of empowering women all across the country? Launching her party? Not mingling religion and politics? Hoping for a better future? Anything but nothing related to her business! She is a Boss at it with no doubt!

By james v

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