What is hijab controversy

What is hijab controversy; India is a country full of values and values surrounding its vast culture. Several famous travellers have commented on this vast Culture of the country in their travelogues. But there are disputes regarding religious beliefs which have created drastically worst situations in the country. There are riots and chaos throughout the country due to these factors. Recently Muslim girls are facing problems in Karnataka. Since the beginning of the year 2022, Muslim girls are denied to enter their classes in junior college due to wearing their religious dress Hijab. It started from a single college but it has gradually spread throughout the stated educational institutions. According to the Karnataka Educational Act, the students have to wear the uniforms selected by their respective Educational institutions.

Although the junior colleges have had no mandatory uniforms recently several institutions have declared their uniforms. It was informed by a former Education Minister of the country that the hijab and the nun’s habit was allowed to be worn along with their uniforms. Due to the denial, there have been protests through the state and thus schools and colleges were closed for some time.

The controversy has raised the belief that it is an indication of the spreading of terrorism in the state as the hijab is a symbolic representation of Jihad. The main source of this controversy has been cited as the Bharatiya Janata Party which is a Hindu moral based party have its members who serve as the Education chief in several institutions. Those members are instigating religious problems and are creating chaos in the form of inter-religious fights. Several Hindu students protested against the Hijab by wearing Saffron Scarves. The situation is currently going out of control as the governance is going out of control. Fights are breaking out and the education of the students is a big matter in this situation.

Several Ministers around the country are raising their voices against the matter but it’s of no work. We have to wait and see how far this act of barbaric majoritarian goes!

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