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Two Cases of Gang Rapes

Gang Rapes in West Bengal – another shocking news! India is seeing a spike in rape cases. Every day, this country is reporting domestic abuse, violence, or any other offence against women. One woman is raped per 15 minutes in our country. Furthermore, we have news from two West Bengali areas. Kolkata, in the heartland of the state. A teenage girl was gang-raped by two men. On Tuesday night, another Burdhaman woman had her genitals raped. The occurrence of such cases nearly every day shakes our faith and confidence in our society.

Also, the 16-year old teenager was raped in the second incident by two men she knew.  They promised to teach her to ride a bike. The incident took place in the New Town region of the city.According to her, her two men helped her with riding bicycles. Finally, They taught her to ride a bike and then asked her to go on a ride with them, to which she agreed.

In West Bengal

Especially Later she was taken to a hotel. where she was with a drink to which she fell bad; After this incident when she woke up she found herself in a disadvantageous position. She was threatened by them. The girl is a resident of Hatiara. The culprits have already been arrested under POCSO Act. The girl was rescued by the locals near Eco Park Police station. She has now been brought under police safety.

Moreover on the same day, at night two men raped an Adivasi woman in East Burdhaman’s Kalna area. The incident took place in the Nadanghat area. The incidents have been covered by the news media. She was allegedly taken to a field by force by two men. Finally, The police have already started their investigation based on her verbal complaint. The question is on the future of the girls of our country.

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