The Heera Group And Its Charitable Approaches

Heera Group Started and nourished by Dr. Nowhera Shaik; the Heera Group is one of the biggest conglomerate companies in India. Crossing all limits of social work; this group of companies were established back in the year 1998.

Despite all the present allegations; the Heera Empire is mostly known for its philanthropic initiatives. Right from promoting; child education to employing the lower sections. This 23-year-old group of companies; participates in everything.

Especially During the Covid-19 situation; the Heera Groups were one among those who lend their support for the well-being of nation. Under the able guidance of Nowhera Shaik it; contributed their properties to isolation centers.

Every beginning is difficult For Heera Group:

Heera Group
Heera Group

The Heera Empire was neither; a miracle nor an over-night success. It was skillfully built from scratch; by the present Youth Icon of India. The journey of the Heera Groups from absolute zero; is indeed a significant one.

Built on the hard work and dedication of Nowhera Shaik. The venture that started; so simple is a complete queendom today.

With millions of hurdles surrounding them; the Heera Groups had a difficult start. Back then building an identification; in this male dominant society was certainly a challenging task. Moreover; Nowhera Shaik was completely alone when she dived into it.

The Heera Gold:

The Heera Group was nothing but a vague thought; unless it was shaped into reality by our Iron lady. With a group of 16 major companies; The Heera Group is presently a pioneer in gold trading. Besides; they also hold the most profitable shares of the gold market.

Among the 16 minor ventures; Heera Gold is the most successful one. Additionally their branches and services; are more widely spread as compared to the rest. With a strong grip on the Middle East nations; this company promises its clients with premium quality gold. Following this Heera Digital Gold a new-age; venture secures your investments.

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