Taliban whip

Taliban whip women protesting

Taliban whip, Especially It is shameful for everyone in this world to watch what is going on in Kabul and stay silent. The entire world authorities are watching and yet are silent about the entire situation. The world is watching just like it has been doing for years now. Images and videos of suppression of women rights and merciless thrashing of women; in the streets of the country is a sight the world is silent at! The Human Rights Commissions and other big organizations have nothing to sanction against! The big superpowers have started flaunting certain hints on recognizing the existence of the Taliban led caretaker government in Afghanistan.

Moreover a recent video has been viral where several women are seen protesting against the caretaker government; which has no woman representation. Now it is even an irony for the women to even think of representation in the Taliban cabinet.

Against the new government, video surfaces

To think of further rights in the country is funny. In any case; on Thursday a video surfaced on the internet where girls have been seen protesting against the Taliban caretaker government. The video shows that the Taliban forces started thrashing the women on streets of the Kabul as they were protesting.

 home and accept the Emirate.

On the other hand, the resistance forces in the Panjshir provinces have decided; to settle a parallel government in the country and fight the Taliban regime. They have also urged the international communities to extend support to them.

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