Taliban ban music

Taliban took control over Afghanistan on August 15 and since then the condition; of the country has been a total mess. The basic human rights of the Afghan people; especially the women have been crushed to the ground to an extent that women appearing on television and other media resources have also been banned.

The women fraternity of Afghanistan has started facing several problems in their daily lives, even life threats. With the president escaping from Afghanistan during this extreme emergency; the country is experiencing downfalls and the rate of death is increasing terribly and uncontrollably.

Female voices on TV

From the media outlets and houses after the Taliban took control of the country. The local media house of Kabul reported that many of the women staff.

The it however promised that they would let the women work and study under the law of Islam. which is contrary to what the Taliban had promised.

Radio channels in Kandahar

The Taliban have been notorious for their harsh and rude treatment of women. They made women completely cover their heads and also made them step out of the home only; with the accompaniment of one of the male members of the family.  The treatment of the Taliban towards the women of the Afghan society has always been very demeaning; which lacks the basic moral values, i.e., respecting women.

Moreover Women have been used for a long time by the Taliban; in the past tenure and it continues to be so even today. It’s high time now; we stand together for women rights and help Afghan women to redirect their lives back to normalcy.

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