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Indian Women Hockey Team wins

Indian Women Hockey Team wins a breathtaking match

Tokyo Olympics an Indian Women Hockey Team wins the big win by the Indian women’s hockey team is a matter of discussion in every household. Hockey, a generally lesser explored and less-hyped sport by Indian masses has become a topic of discussion after the big win of the women’s hockey team in Tokyo Olympics 2020. Indian hockey player Navneet Kaur’s goal at the eleventh hour helped them win the match. The match was between India and Ireland. Especially the match ended on a note of 1-0, with India in the lead. The Indian women’s hockey team has a high chance of qualifying for the quarter-finals. The hope for a medal is not that extravagant. 

The Indian team had lost 3 matches before this. This was a future-determining match for them, which they had to win at any cost. The goal by Navneet Kaur in the 57th minute of the match completely turned the game.

Moreover India started well and had tried to create many opportunities to score a goal. The first half of the match mainly went in India’s favour with a score of ten penalty corners. Ireland’s goalkeeper Ayesha Maffarren saved the goal post.

Medal hopes remain intact

Indian head coach Shored Marin, reacted to the win saying that the Indian team could have scored more goals. When asked about the India team missing 15 penalty chances, he reacted that it is not easy to score a penalty corner against Ireland. India’s prior consecutive loss in three matches against Netherlands, Germany and Britain had cost the Indian team a lot. The head coach also told the media that the Indian team will strategize for the next match keeping track of their statistics. The dual effort by Rani Rampal and Navneet Kaur saved India from a fourth consecutive loss.

Finally India scored two penalty corners in the first quarter in the eleventh hour. The second quarter was under Ireland’s dominance. The 18th-minute penalty corner by the Ireland team was saved by Indian goalkeeper Savitha.

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