India is a diverse country and people from the various regions of the mainland speak different languages. India is the home of 447 languages. The Indo-Aryan languages are spoken by the majority of the Indian population followed by the Dravidian languages. Initially, Hindi in the Devanagari script was declared to be the official language of the country. However, it was later amended to make both English and Hindi the official languages of the country. Since British rule in India, English has been an important language spoken by people in the country. It is used in higher education and even in some parts of the government. With the increasing globalization, the demand for English has increased manifold.


The Necessity of English

With English as the official language, access to global opportunities would increase since learning the language will become a must in the country. This will make the language English used nationwide. More than 150 countries around the world know and use English and it will help the people understand their culture and heritage. The increased level of communication will benefit the country in various aspects.

Moreover, it is the language of science and mathematics, all the while maintaining good relations between people from all corners of the country. Language is a medium for communicating with people and people should accept that they are over-sensitive.


Making English our official language will only indicate the return of imperialism. Hindi is a widely spoken and one of the most understood languages across the country’s length and breadth. The world has witnessed global countries be a success even after communication with regional languages. Therefore, language remains a medium of effective communication and India can proceed with its dream to become a world power with Hindi, English, or both as its official language.

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