Sensodyne toothpaste advertisement cast

Sensodyne toothpaste advertisement cast. Consumer protection regulator, CCPA, has passed an order against GlaxoSmithKline or GSK Consumer Healthcare Limited Company to cease advertisements of Sensodyne products in India for flouting norms and regulations. CCPA or the Central Consumer Protection Authority took Suo moto cognisance of the matter and passed an order against GSK consumer healthcare on January 27th, which the Consumer Affairs Ministry said in an official statement on Wednesday. As per the order, the CCPA has directed GlaxoSmithKline Consumer to discontinue all advertisements for Sensodyne in the country within seven days of the issuance of the order as the ads showed dentists practising outside India endorsing the products.

  Given that the regulations governing dentists in India bar a seal of approval of any product or drug publicly, the CCPA, the Central Consumer Protection Authority, said GSK consumer healthcare “cannot be allowed to circumvent the law in force in India and show the foreign dentists to exploit consumer apprehension towards tooth sensitivity.”

“Therefore, advertisement of Sensodyne products in India which show endorsements by dentists practising outside India qualify ‘misleading advertisement’ in terms of Section 2 (28) of the Consumer Protection Act, 2019”, the order had said. The CCPA had also propagated the Director-General to submit a report within fifteen days after probing the claims “recommended by dentists worldwide”, “world’s no 1 sensitivity toothpaste” and “clinically proven relief, works in 60 seconds” and the documents submitted by the company to support these assertions. The CCPA had also observed that regulations governing dentists in India bar endorsements of its products in the advertisements the company was promoting and therefore that the company was trying to “circumvent the law in force”.

The CCPA said in its statement, “Since dentists who are medical professionals qualified for treating dental health issues can be seen in the advertisements appreciating, recommending and suggesting the use of the product, the advertisement gives the consumers an impression that if consumers do not buy the product, they are ignoring the advice of a dentist. As a result, consumer susceptibility around teeth sensitiveness is being exploited by the company to unfairly promote the sale of its product. The company is seeking to draw a large number of potential consumers by giving an implication that practising dentists of UK are recommending its product.”

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