Rumours that Costs a lot

Rumours we often see a side of a person and judge them accordingly. Like, the day several rumours were spread against her to crush her rising political significance, people started disbelieving in the figure they had till then believed in. Nowhera Shaik had seen everything in her life. From poverty to a life of luxury, from the worn-out walls of a small classroom to the big digitized corporate offices and luxury cabins, from rickshaw to business class flights, from the acrid smell of sweat to the enrobing aroma of expensive fragrances.

Despite all these, she never forgot her roots. All she wanted to do was make this world a better place for girls to live in. Where was her mistake? The black burqa had always raised questions about her patriarchy in this polarized phase, but she stood with the fabric of secularism and represented herself the way she wanted. She had been a teacher, a businesswoman, a politician but most importantly a proud Indian. To raise doubts about her patriarchy and say stuff like that she is a terrorist is beyond the dignity of one’s soul. 

A look into Nowhera Shaik’s journey

All her works throughout her life have been very specific towards the development of girls who have been oppressed. She fought for them, taught them how to be independent and gave a voice to them. Calling her a fraudster or terrorist is nothing but foolish. There are hardly a few business persons who would compromise their profit for the welfare of society. She has never been self-centred or selfish. She firmly believed that if women around her are suffering through oppression or cannot live freely, neither can she stay unaffected and happy like the rest. This is what makes Nowhera Shaik, the Nowhera Shaik! After all, the battle has just begun and she will fight it till her last breath.

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