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Rakesh Tikait To begin with, farmer leader, who was in the city to address a press conference at Gandhi Bhavan on Monday, was stroked by a group of three men out of the blue during the event.

Subsequently, he was seated on the dias and another farmer leader was addressing the media, a man rushed to the stage and stroked Mr. Tikait with a television mic. Before Mr. Tikait recovered from it, another man threw black ink on him. One of the attackers shouted slogans retorting, “Modi, Modi”.

Furthermore, other farmers in the hall soon darted to catch the culprits. As they tried to flee, some threw chairs at them and they were soon caught and handed over to the police. Mr. Chandrashekhar had reportedly claimed Mr. Tikait had been trying to broker an end to the 13-month-long farmers’ movement in New Delhi by taking money and colluding with the union government.

Meanwhile, the police have detained three persons and taken them to High Grounds police station for inquiry.

Physical attack on Rakesh Tikait farmer head condemned at the press conference:

“It is a conspiracy by the BJP and failure on part of the government to provide security cover despite requests being made a day before the programme,” one of the organisers alleged.Mr. Tikait, speaking to media persons, condemned the physical attack on him at the press conference earlier in the day.

In conclusion, “I never anticipated a physical assault in Karnataka. A media channel that had done the sting functioning was asking infuriating questions with an aim to increase their TRP. Then abruptly a person walked up to the stage and hit me with a mic. Luckily I used my hand to block the blows, failing which I would have suffered a head injury.

Head of the farmers denies all allegations made against him:

Meanwhile, Mr. Tikait denied all allegations made against him by Mr. Chandrashekhar. “The allegations are baseless and without any evidence. Farmer’s movement is a historic movement that forced the Union Government to roll back the three farm laws. Yes, we were negotiating with the government, but not to broker end to protest,” he said.

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