Priyanka Picks up Broom Again

Priyanka Picks up Broom Again at Lucknow’s Dalit

Priyanka Picks up Broom Again, In response to chief minister Yogi Adityanath’s jibe at her for sweeping the floor at the Sitapur guest house where she was imprisoned, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra paid a surprise visit to a Dalit neighbourhood in Lucknow on Friday, picking up a broom.

In response to the chief minister’s “casteist remark,” Gandhi Vadra declared in a tweet that on Saturday; all of the party’s district committees will clean Valmiki temples.

“Today, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh made a casteist speech, demonstrating his anti-Dalit attitude. The Lord Valmiki temples will be cleaned by all district Congress committees in UP tomorrow. Thousands of Dalits and women in India will not be insulted.

“People want to believe she’s capable of such job, and they believe she is.”During an interview, he also stated, “These guys have no work except to cause trouble and hostility.”

In response to the chief minister’s remark, Gandhi Vadra visited a Dalit colony and picked up a broom; which he described as a sign of simplicity and self-respect.

Locality After Yogi’s ‘Casteist’ Comment

The Congress general secretary swept the grounds of a Maharshi Valmiki temple in Luv Kush Nagar while speaking with locals, claiming that crores of women and sanitation workers around the country use brooms regularly for cleaning, according to a Congress spokeswoman. She prayed at the temple as well.

“He has not humiliated me by stating so,” Gandhi Vadra added, “but he has humiliated you all as crores of Dalit brothers and sisters are safai karamcharis and they do this task.” I’ve come here with you all to do the cleaning chores and to tell Yogi Ji that cleaning and using a broom is an act of self-respect,” she remarked.

Gandhi Vadra’s reaction, according to politician and UP vice-president Vijay Pathak, is a farce to resurrect the Congress. “Instead of putting on stunts, the Congress should seek to solve Dalit concerns.” She should also look at what the BJP government is doing well and make ideas for what more might be done. The BJP is our political party. In his Maan Ki Baat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeks suggestions from all quarters. As a result, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra should be upbeat,” he told the newspaper.

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