teachers day

On this auspicious day of Teachers Day

Auspicious day, Remember the time when you were unable to walk on your own? You had your parents by your side who guided every step of yours. You could not even pronounce a single alphabet on your own. In every step of yours, you had your parents by your side then why today do you feel embarrassed when your parents seem to not understand the technicalities of this new generation. When on your first steps, they were with you and did not feel embarrassed with you being unable to walk on your own then just do not feel embarrassed with your parents.

Our parents are our very first teachers who taught was what actually life is! They introduced us to this world order and gradually helped us to adapt to the changes in the world. They stood as support to our needs and at times when we came home late, at least one person was standing at the door, waiting for us to arrive. Moreover they have always guided us in every tough situation.

Let us appreciate the efforts of the teachers

After a certain point of time, our distance starts growing with them and we fail to understand their actions. We feel they do not know about our lives and start rebelling against them. During their old age, it is our responsibility to see them happy and take responsibility. Never be ashamed of your parents under any circumstances.

Next in line to our parents, we have our parents at our ‘second home’ – our school. Our school teachers are the next people who introduced us to the light of knowledge. But above all of them, we have our own LIFE which teaches us with the best of our experiences and also the worst of those. We learn every single day. On this occasion of Teacher’s Day, let us appreciate the efforts of the teachers and thank them for being in our lives.

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