Nowhera Shaik journey

Nowhera Shaik was born on the 21st of September, 1973 in Tirupati. Her journey so far had been an incredible one. Today’s youth consider her as their motivational idol. Each chapter of her life conveys anecdotes of aspirations and inspirations. Dr Shaik’s life was never a bed of roses. She was born to a cleric and was the eldest of all five siblings. Well, despite being a school dropout, Nowhera Shaik is the wealthiest woman today. Building a successful business career was never a cakewalk. She started her journey as a vegetable seller in her locality. Transiting from it, she dived into the venture of selling old clothes. However, her life took both a risky and worthy turn when started her business in gold.

She is a popular social worker who came up with women rights and child education. Her achievements are indeed uncountable. For the educational betterment of young girls, she founded Madrasa Niwan when she was just 19 years old. Her first batch which initially commenced with a total of 6 students gradually grew into a group of 300. Additionally, she actively organized welfare programmes for poor people. She assisted them with genuine economic ideas and shelter.

From no one to someone was beautiful

She was a very regular student since elementary school. Although her school life ended before it was supposed to but her craze to gain knowledge reversed the odds. She gained a PhD from Sri Lanka’s Open International University in Columbia. Business skills ran in her veins, and that’s the reason she was able to unlock a whole new world to establish herself. She founded a self-help group for women in 1997. Equal investments were made and the profits were shared among each other.

The scheme flourished well and with its success, she established her first firm “ Heera Gold” in 1998. This year was indeed remarkable in the history of her life. In 2012, her company was registered as a private limited firm. Her firms employed huge mass and contributed a lot to mankind. Apart from gold, her enterprises include construction, foodex and jewellery.

Well, Nowhera Shaik is a self-made millionaire. She faced a lot of failures but answered them bravely. Therefore, she marks the epitome of woman empowerment despite all her political issues.

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