Nowhera Shaik

Nowhera Shaik ever wondered why is it so easy to blame women so easily? If we closely look at our history, we find that there are innumerable instances when the blame for clashes of stalwarts because of their male ego has been categorically labelled as ‘destruction’ because of a woman. Society has always been this way. To blame a woman is the easiest thing anyone can do successfully. Life has been this unfair with Nowhera Shaik. A single mother as she is, she has been handling everything from business to family ‘singly’. When she was arrested for the first time, there was no notice sent to her before her arrest. She could not connect with her family or even her only child! Staying aloof from her son was something she could not imagine in her wildest dreams.

Mountain like big allegations, a near end to a political career, innumerable trolls and defaming facts being bluffed by the journalists and news media were totally on one side of the fulcrum. On the other side was the pain of separation from her child. Initially, she thought of giving up but imagining the smile of satisfaction on her opponent’s visage, she got the courage to stand against the pain. For her, family is the place where she finds solace and derives strength from.

A story of the fate of many women

Unbroken. Unbent. Unbowed. These are the three words that define Nowhera Shaik in short. She is an unstoppable spirit. Even in her difficult days, she was hopeful for a better day and indeed she got that day finally after 2 years. Her fight against the atrocities against women will continue throughout her life, much like her philanthropic activities. Right now she is a bit busy with her business and clearing the accounts of her investors but very soon she will be back to her form! She will manage both business and politics in the most gracious way.

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