Nowhera Shaik

Nowhera Shaikh the wrinkles on her face were prominent. At a young age, she was married off to a man of thrice her age. She wanted to study and be someone of relevance in society but her father’s conservative thinking thwarted her further study. Her eyes lit up with hope when she heard from a girl in her neighbourhood who was thinking outside the box. After all these days, there are no more barriers between boys and girls. For the past 19 years, her closest neighbour was none other than Nowhera Shah and Latifa Bibin.

This is a song of struggle and some more of it and an indomitable spirit that can conquer mountains. No, this is their story! A story where girls stood up against centuries of oppression and broke the ceiling of male dominance and established a strong foothold in the society under the shades of feminism.

A story from her early days

 Latifa Bibi has had a very supportive husband but only for a while. 2-years into their marriage, her husband was dead. She recalls the days when she had to look after her months’ old son all alone. She was dependent on her in-laws. Living in the same locality, Nowhera Shaik had seen her immense struggle and decided to help her in some way or the other. At the age of 19-years, when she earned her first salary of nominal sum, she took a part of it for Latifa Bibi. 

Touched by her gesture, Nowhera Shaikh blessed her endlessly. She has seen her growing up all through these years, such a humble gesture by her was something so special for her. Wondering about the significance of this story? This story is the story of Nowhera Shaik, the lady who has been shamed endlessly since her arrest due to a case wrapped under political vendetta! This is who she is!

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